28 Aug
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Te Aorangi is so excited her new place is just the right size - and there's a yard!

Published: 2017-08-28

The CorbettsTwenty-seven-year-old Te Aorangi Corbett can barely articulate how she felt when she moved into her new, two-bedroom home in Waterview's Torea Place late last year.

Te Aorangi spent some time in emergency housing and then most recently three years in an old state house in New Lynn before being allocated a new house in Waterview.

Te Aorangi's home is one of 17 two-, three- and four-bedroom houses which have replaced three 1940s brick duplexes, houses that were old, cold and damp.

The 17 homes stand on an almost 3,500 square metre site and are typical of the work Housing New Zealand is doing across Auckland to provide more homes, modernise our stock and more efficiently use our land.

"I love being in this house," Te Aorangi says. "It's easy to keep clean and I've only had to use the heater once since we've been here."

"In our old house it was freezing come 6pm and you'd have to wrap up in blankets. Even in summer it could be quite cold."

The confort levels aren't surprising, as all the homes have double-glazing, insulation, thermal quality curtains, and carpet, and are positioned to make the most of the sun.