13 Jan

Recipe competition winners are announced

Published: 2017-01-13

The Close to Home recipe competition was a big hit with our tenants. 

I received lots of tasty recipes in both the savoury and baking or dessert categories. 

Including Tuna Fish Fritters, Salmon Pasta Bake and a gorgeous Lemon Meringue Pudding. 

It was wonderful to see what people are making for themselves and their families. It was difficult to name a winner but with the help of Sophie Gray and my colleagues at Housing New Zealand we were able to make a decision.

The winner in the savoury meal category was Jane Leaning with her lovely Ham & Egg Flan.

The winner in the dessert category was Vivienne Greenfield with her delicious Banana Fudge Ripple Cake.

We will be publishing the recipes in the upcoming issue of Close to Home.

To all off you who took the time to send in recipes thank you.


Savoury meal category
Jane Leaning -  Ham & Egg Flan.

Dessert category
Vivienne Greenfield - Banana Fudge Ripple Cake.