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Encouraging vegetable gardens

Published: 2016-07-01
Encouraging vegy gardens

Christchurch tenant Phil Turner is rightly proud of his impressive vegetable garden and encourages other tenants to try growing their own produce.

Growing your own vegetables is healthy, fun and cheap. Housing New Zealand tenant Phil Turner can testify to that.

The Christchurch man has an impressive vegetable garden that he tends throughout the year.

Phil has always enjoyed gardening, having watched his father and grandfather look after their vegetable patches when he was younger.

Today, he has a series of vege gardens dotted around his property.

“I just find gardening relaxing and fulfilling. There’s nothing like going out and working away in the garden.”

Phil has an array of cabbages, lettuces, beans, silverbeet and many other vegetables in his gardens.

He grows his garden all year round and his neighbours also get the benefits, with Phil regularly offering them free vegetables.

“It’s really satisfying being able to share this with my neighbours.”

Phil encourages all tenants to try growing their own vege gardens. Start small and go from there, he says.

“Have a go, just try it. It’s so much fun,” he says.

Not only is eating fresh vegetables loads of fun, it also gives you a much fresher option – and you can start a bit of healthy competition with your neighbours and family.

Tips on starting your own vegetable garden:

  • Start small.
  • Pick a spot that gets full sun.
  • Water regularly.
  • Find well-drained soil.
  • Talk to your neighbours for tips – ask them what grows well in their garden.