13 Jun

Don’t drink and fry

Published: 2016-06-13

There has been an increase in cooking-related fires around the country – don’t leave your pots or frypans unattended when cooking.

If you must leave the room when cooking, TURN OFF the stove.

Keep your stove and grill clean to prevent the build up of spilled fats and burnt foods. Curtains, tea towels, oven mitts and any flammable items should be kept well away from the cooking area.

Have a fire extinguisher and/or fire blanket correctly located in your kitchen and make sure you know how to use them.

Never throw water onto a frypan that’s on fire.

If you cannot put the fire out or it looks out of control – get out of the house and call 111.

Housing New Zealand installs an average of five smoke alarms per three-bedroom property – one per bedroom, one for the combined living/ dining area and one for the hallway.

Make sure your smoke alarms are working by testing them often.