12 Jul

Fire safety tips can save lives

Published: 2016-07-12

Unattended cooking and a clothes dryer are thought to have caused at least five fire’s across the country in the last three weeks.

In all cases the smoke alarms sounded and alerted tenants so luckily no-one was hurt.

These fires cause a lot of damage to our houses and our tenants belongings.

Todd O’Donoghue, from NZ Fire Service says many house fires are easily preventable, see below a list of tips to help you be fire wise!


Heaters and clothes dryers

  • Remember the ‘heater-meter’ rule – always keep furniture, curtains, clothes and children at least one metre away from heaters and fireplaces
  • Don’t store objects on top of your heater
  • Never cover heater
  • Don’t overload clothes dryers, and clean the lint filter after each load



Electric blankets

  • Old electric blankets can cause an electric shock, fire and possibly even death 
  • At the first sign of wear, have your electric blanket checked by a qualified electrician
  • Replace your electric blanket every five years with newer heat-protected models which are safer
  • Don’t place heavy objects on the bed while the blanket is on



  • If you must leave the room, turn off the stove
  • Clean your stove grill after each use to prevent the build up of spilled fats and burnt foods
  • Clean rangehood filters regularly
  • Curtains, tea towels, oven mitts and any flammable items should be kept well away from the cooking area
  • Never throw water on to a frypan that’s on fire
  • If you do have a fire on your stove, try (if you can) to turn the power or gas off either at the stove or at the mains

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