26 Jun

Keeping your home warm and dry

Published: 2017-06-26
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In the last 2 years Housing New Zealand have upgraded many homes to improve the lives of their tentants.

Every household releases around 8 litres of moisture into the home every day from activities like cooking, showering and breathing.

The more mositure there is in the air, the harder and more expensive it is to heat.

Here are some simple things yo can do to help reduce moisture, making it easier to heat your home.

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  • Use thermostats and timers so your heaters only come on when you need them and automatically turn off once the right temperture is reached.
  • Open curtains in the morning and close them just before dark to keep in the warmth.
  • Air rooms in the daytime with an open window.
  • Wipe condensation off walls and windows.
  • Stop cold air coming in under the door by blocking its path with a 'door snake'. You can make one by rolling up a towel or filling up an old rugby sock.


When you're cooking:

  • keep lids on pots, and make sure the pot fits the element and the lid fits the pot.
  • use your rangehood
  • open the window.


  • Keep beds and furniture away from walls.
  • The trapped air can cause condensation to form between the two, and mould will be in among your shoes and cloithes before you know it. Always leave a gap so the air can circulate freely.
  • Keep wardrobe doors slightly open.
  • Avoid putting mattresses directly on the floor.


  • Open the window when showering and keep your bathroom door closed up to half an hour after showering.
  • Use your extractor fan.