24 May

How to use a heat pump without spending a lot of money

Published: 2016-05-24
Budget advice

Like any heating option, heat pumps give the best energy savings when they’re used wisely.

Heat only the spaces that you’re actually using and shut doors and curtains to keep the heat in the room. The heat pump recirculates air, so it has to work harder if more cold air keeps coming into the room.

Don’t have the temperature higher than you need it – set it at 18° to 22° Celsius while you’re at home, and if you run it overnight turn it down to 16° Celsius.

Cranking up the thermostat won’t heat your home up any faster.

Turn off the heat pump when no one is home, or learn to use the timer so your heat pump turns on an hour before you get home.

Clean the filter (inside and outside) regularly. Keep the areas around the condenser (outside) clear of plants and rubbish.

If your heat pump stops working for any reason, check the guide your tenancy manager gave you or call us on 0800 801 601. A housing advisor can help you figure out what’s going on.